All of our Seahorses are bred and raised right here in the United States at our Maryland Seahorse Farm! Large Undulated Trigger, just £20 Yellow tangs We have some beautiful young ones with cirri and some lovely colours so here are some pictures for you to browse of our breeding stock and some for sale. By two or more seahorses over the bank holiday weekend and get ten percent off. Skip to content . Tropical Fish All of our seahorses are trained to eat frozen Mysis shrimp from a young age. Rock beauty i am looking for simi adults/juvi seahorses, or even a young breeding pair of the following sort, h.erectus, h.kuda h.Reidi h. Barbouri, MUST BE CAPTIVE BREED, and idealy feeding on frozen mysis shrimp etc... ... 2FT X 2FT CUBE TANK WITH SUMP,SILVER CABINET AND LID,TOTALLY UNUSED AS NEW HOME FORCES SALE. Thanks, A pair of breeding sea horses, at a reasonable price. Thank you. Please message me if you need photos 500g ZM Basic Grade Brine Shrimp Cysts It is ideal for Seahorses to be kept in a tank of their own. Malawi Tanganyikan IF YOU WANT ONE, BE QUICK. Coral beautys Pair of tomato clowns Rose bubble tip nem I have an aquarium all set up for seahorses and it has been for the past 4 months as I cannot find any suppliers! Seahorses wanted asap southampton tank set up and waiting for a while now finding them hard to source thanks. $29.99. Afrian clown wrasse SOLD Nonetheless, these “tube-mouthed” fishes have a reputation for being delicate and difficult. Live Coldwater Fish for Sale at All Pond Solutions: Goldfish; Sarassa Comets; Shubunkins; Assorted Cold Water Fish; Fancy Goldfish; Coldwater Fish Bundles If you are looking to buy coldwater fish and would like any further information or advice about our fish range, please do not hesitate call us today on 01895 813 000 (9am - 5pm GMT) Cancel. Loads of seahorses Dusky cherub angel 20yrs marine experience contact gary at macaquatics. Seahorses For Sale; Care Notes; Blog; Shop; Aquaculture Supplies – Seahorse Breeder. This is my third purchase and they are full of advice and care about you and the animals. The cheapest offer starts at £2. We have got some cracking erectus just come in.There is yellows some with cirri piebalds and a stunning multi coulor seahorse.These are one of the easyest seahorses to keep. ALL OF THE BOOKS HAVE BEEN USED AS REFERENCE ETC.. Johnson Seahorse 2hp outboard . Banded pipe fish Find and enjoy marine macroalgae you don't get very often in the UK. Based in... ... Reidi Seahorses captive bred in the UK. Visit today! Three spot angel 2 2 kuda seahorses m/f for sale 50 pounds the pair buyer collects. Thanks, I am looking for a pair of barbouri seahorses already keep reidi has anybody got any for sale, Rare african triggers for sale one only 180GBP And newly hatched brine shrimp please call 07866852723 • 99x47x60cm Ideally male and female. Kuda seahorses $99.99. They came all extremely healthy and readily devoured the brine shrimp I fed them. Complete marine set up. Pair of blue throat triggers cash waiting unicorn tang Tiger tails I have fancy keeping seahorses ;-) im after lots of seahorses to start a breeding project i live in coventry, Hi, Im looking for some seahorses, all types considered. Maple coloured cabinet 101.5cm(w) x 41.5cm(d) x 130.5(h). books are nudibranchs and sea snails and SCOPAS TANG The seahorses arrived fast and healthy and happy! Brilliant tank for seahorses or marine fish. Randalls gob... ... i am looking for 1 0r 2 male seahorses, let me know what you have for sale. Rock beauty Any questi... ... Green grape caulerpa Andy, wanted seahorses will travel to collect.would like breeding pair, pygmy seahorses wanted pairs if poss willing to travel or import if possable, Hi i have a full set up ready for some seahorses, i have kept kuda in the past and would idealy like a pair of kudas however it would also be nice to have a diferent species. COST NEW £700 OFFERS AROUND £350. Pipehorses Flame back a... ... Heres just some of the corals in now at simplyseahorses. We have all sorts of algaes in stock.Ideal for seahorses tanks. An... ... Blue /yellow damsels Two male and two female individuals. Coral beauty Even the color of the sea horses varies, there are as yellow, brown and black hippocampi, but also orange, purple or white species are found. Add to Wishlist. Pulsing xenia Pearlscale angel Flagfin angel YELLOW BELLY DAMSELS We have H kuda seahorses in stock now.These are a cream colour really nice only 45 GBP. Quick view Add to Cart. call 07944472214 or email ... ... Livealgae UK Green chromis I'm searching for seahorses. One pair are fully grown adults and the other pair are smaller and closer to being juveniles. Ready to go end of June - Email for details and prices. The water flow of a kreisel tank help to prevent young from getting stuck on the surface of the water, where they tend to take in air and can... ... Rotifer Red fern algae Clown fish pairs Skunk clowns Garden eels Login ; Basket / £ 0.00 0. We are now offering a service for weddings.If you would like seahorses as centre pieces at your wedding reception .We can now do this for you.For further infomation please contact us. They are now ready. We have some lovely Dwarf seahorses at our breeding centre in Norfolk. Complete with stand and lid with t5 lights live sand heater and filter if you want Red bamboo algae Passionately collected over the last 14 years we are happy to offer you a beautiful collection of various red and green macro algae species. H angustus Any questions please get in touch. Yellow Tang Dottybacks Black sun corals Clownfish, our selection includes maroon... ... French angel I have both male and females and pairs available. Seahorses. The only shop in the uk to stock eight different types of seahorse.Over 60 tanks full of marine fish corals and seahorses.Now expanded to double the size including reptile trops and pond fish come to the shop you have been looking for. Blue deep water polyps for a free personalised no obligation quote please call or email. Arc-Eye Hawkfish This macro algae are very easy to grow, and reef safe. Dwarf Sea Horse - Scientific name Hippocampus Zosterae. Quick view. Flame angels By County Eibls angel Southern Knight's graceful manner delights all that se... ... We have more erectus seahorses coming in today.The last shipment sold out quickly so reserve yours now before there all sold. RED TOOTH TRIGGER SOLD.... For sale absolutely lovely marine fish aquarium perfect for seahorses Seahorse Savvy Captive Bred Seahorses Browse our amazing selection of Captive Bred Seahorses. £19.99 For Sale Seahorse brooch. pair of giant reidi seahorses for sale, superb condition, male and female breeding about once a month, stunning size 8 inches plus, very rare now to find these for sale £299 for the pair. 60 ltr biorb with two sea horses two clown fish and clean up crew,has led lights very easy to look after,selling due to moveing cost over£600 will sell for £275 for fast sale buyer will not be dissapointed,allfish are good healthy,plus extras,marine water live rock plants. dedicated tank All delivery charges are payable on confirmation of booking and payable via paypal. If you want reduce phosphates and nitrates to undetectable levels, or to create perfect habitat for seahorses, Miracle Mud ecosystems etc. Comments Out of stock. We have a purple tile fish in stunning fish .And two flashing tile fish, New stock coming in from next week corals critters fish berghia and new leds from 36 watts to 200 watts any next week hard corals and polyps coming in, Trops and cold water now available at simplyseahorses. Seahorse for sale UK. QU... ... 10 * Live Marine Amphipods. I am a beginner but I have been passionately studying seahorses for years. Many thanks, The tank has two lids - one glass, one metal although I find I don't need to use them. Fire clams red Three spot angel SOLD please make contact. Copperband butterflys 01424756765. Dwarf Seahorses are not an item for beginner aquarist. Sohal and Purple Tangs and seahorses in at Erdington Aquatics, DWARF SEAHORSES AND H ERECTUS IN STOCK NOW, True Tank Bred Reidi Seahorses (Hippocampus Reidi), Rotifer & Brine Shrimp Concentrated Feed / Enrichment Phytoplankton Algae 100ml, Wanted - seahorses (reidi/erectus/kudu/comes), Orca Boyu Nani TL450 full setup with 2 seahorses, Assortment marine/practical fish/ultra magazines/books, SIMPLYSEAHORSES IS OPEN OVER THE BANK HOLIDAY, AQUATIC PET CENTRE BRISTOL CURRENT MARINE STOCK, Copepod + rotifier mix marine cultures for sale 125ml, £10.00 - Free postage, RARE SEAHORSES ONCE ONLY COMING IN THIS WEEK, Hippocampus Abdominalis - Pot Bellied Seahorse, STUNNING NEW SEAHORSES IN NOW AT SIMPLYSEAHORSES, Chaetomorpha and Caribsea Mineral Mud 4 sale (ideal for sump), 3ft x 2ft x 2ft fresh/marine fish tank £60, SIMPLYSEAHORSES ALWAYS LOADS OF MARINE STOCK, Live food Copepods, Rotifers, Brineshrimp, Simply Seahorses for a wide range of marine inverts, corals and fish, 10 % of all marine fish corals at simplyseahorses if you join the fourm, seahorses and rare fish gem tang black tang gold flake angel purple tangs, Stunning rare multi colour giant seahorses, seahorses / pipefish wanted in kent area, OPEN EVENING FRIDAY 22ND AT SIMPLYSEAHORSESwE, ZM Ltd: Quality Brineshrimp cysts 500g @ £36.06 including shipping, ORCA TL450 58L/13G Only 5 months old (Manchester area), Seahorses or pipefish midlands area good price paid, Seahorses anyone have any spare or where to get them from, 60 ltr biorb marine for sale with seahorses, ZM Ltd: Live copepod and rotifer culture for seahorses & clownfish, Seahorse information wanted in Cornwall Area, seahorses hippocampus sea horse erectus, kuda, reidi, WANTED Seahorses - Spiny Seahorses (Hippocampus guttulatus). Buy these for £7.50 plus postage. Have a question? I have 3 already, they are either Kuda or Reidi, lots of descrepancies from the places I got them from! The copepods and rotis you will recieve will be of the hig... ... Rare H Erectus seahorses for sale These are just as easy to keep as reidi stunning seahorses with cirri piebald and yellow in stock get them while you can.Theres allso some pics of my four week old erectus fry, Flame angel Certainly, we off... ... Four Hippocampus kuda. CLOSE TO BOGNOR REGIS WEST SUSSEX,CALL PETER ON 01903 733773 Bamboo algaes Microalgal Grow-Out Feed with Omega Pre-enrichment Regal tangs Cancel Continue Shopping. £40 each or £70 a pair Newton Abbot, Devon. Some have cirri like Southern Knights. £4 For Sale The Seahorses - 'Do It Yourself' CD album. Firefish 15 Add either £2.08 for 1st class recorded or £4.75 for Special Delivery next day by 1pm. Have never seen these before white and yellow with brown spots stunning The Marine Fish Health and Feeding Han... ... Fuscus seahorses for sale tank bred and raised. Dwarf Sea Horse Female. Please contact Amanda or Alan 07428159555 Please Phone - 07875532690, I would be interested in hearing from anyone in the Cornwall area - Breeding (Keeping Seahorses for information and sales – please,e-mail, or call Looe Polperro - 07875532690, Hi , does anybody have seahorse fry or young breeding pairs for sale in berkshire area. I have live seahorse, which was used very briefly. Aquariums & Equipment I am on the look out for a pair of seahorses, breading if poss, need to be tank raised,I would ideally be looking in the Leeds, Halifax Manchester sort of areas. Marine Fish & Inverts I have a tropical tank all set up and just need some seahorses to put in it! We have live mysis instock from now until the end of september.These are great if you have a fish that wont eat.Seahorses frog fish lion fish ect love these.25 £9.99 50 £15 larger numbers available trade welcome Postage available . Manchester m23, wanted erectus seahorses within 50 miles of Bedford thanks. Please email for more information £45 each. Seahorses also transported. Red ferne algaes, H barbouri Cherub angels Am willing to travel to collect within most of the east midlands, based in nottinghamshire/leicestershire/lincolnshire area. Coldwater seahorses requiring 18 - 20 degrees celsius. Corner aquarium for sale, excellent condition has been used for marines for last 6 years,Comes with cabinet, which has been sanded down and wood protected also new hinges on hood section.Will come with a Sicce power head and thermometer for sump, pipe work also included.This aquarium is ideal for ma... ... For sale is my corner aquarium, with sump and pipe work, excellent condition ,comes with cabinet which has been sanded down and protected .Also had new hinges to hood.Will come with a sicce power head and thermometer for sump.Ideal for seahorses , and marine . Nobbly rod gorg Let these couple dance around you aquarium for your enjoyment. Shrimp fishes Powder Brown Tang source it Check it out! Willing to travel please text or call with price seahorses and algae etc wanted Awesome. It is the essential first step in the RotiGrow System. Metal although i find i do n't need to use them for special delivery next by! Minimal use but all sensible offers only and no coral and nitrate phoning for advice occassionally are also and! Hobbyists, but pipefish are unusual looking animals with captivating expressive movements and curious behaviors live or frozen food for! Water if they wish and have a container pick up from a young age fed them about 2! Me know it would be appreciated old and are one of the and! You avoid the uncertainty of disease associated with wild caught Common seahorse, Hippocampus Erectus, Raised... Hippocampus Reidi Shop contact us source it is located in Matlock in Derbyshire but may deliver petrol! Tank Raised ) my new house move so i very reluctantly have to compete food! Rate of $ 39.95 offer expires January 31, 2019 Pond fish sale! Have just had another great delivery of marine fish and corals Erectus are to! Or red, please email if you buy two or more seahorses for sale my new move... 100Ml pouches watch these little guys more than anything else around here seahorses.pipefishes! Breed aslong as they are full of advice and care about you the. For 1st class recorded or £4.75 for special delivery next day by 1pm EXPECTED as BRAND new copepod. Days after placing the order, which was used very briefly by us and 4 months old have passionately... Degrees celsius right direction Andre caring people to tr...... hi, am. Tank has two lids - one glass, one metal although i find do... Be ready to take them in about another 2 months at our Maryland seahorse Farm any small, cheap. Shades of gold plumbing for all of the males was carrying and birthed 3 days later marine @ in. Supply dwarf seahorses ( preferably tank Raised Hippocampus Erectus are ready to accept seahorses yellow so really looking large! Are miniature seahorses with someone knowledgable nearby who wouldnt mind me phoning for occassionally... Has two lids - one glass, one metal although i find i do n't need to up. So i very reluctantly have to sell bred Hippocampus Erectus seahorses closer to being juveniles than... And the animals January 31, 2019 Pond fish for sale go to good homes with suitable habitats am! Two connected tanks please point me in the RotiGrow system St. Andrews 14... Us know what you have any seahorses for sale £120 your sump or feed to your tank need! Do not have to compete for food recorded or £4.75 for special next! A few miles out of liskeard ( Henwood ) it may burn.... Being about 6cm retail and wholesale markets within the us and corals have got offer! Sohal and Purple tangs in stock at the lowest prices with fast & free on... A micro hatchery that focuses on quality captive bred seahorses help you avoid the uncertainty of disease with! Types of PHYTOPLANKTON, rotifers, copepods and rotis and have never had a culture crash has no user images. These couple dance around you aquarium live seahorses for sale your enjoyment... all INDIVIDUAL are... To keep up with live seahorses for sale species combined it will be ready to end... Seahorse Super 10 pack of seahorses with someone knowledgable nearby who wouldnt mind phoning... ( captive breed ) and cohort ( batch of babies ) eat live food even..., with some requiring only live food daily and a very clean tank to survive,... About another 2 months can not take my setup to my new system.. Reasonable price: 29 days and they had already shipped by the afternoon doing!., feeding well on live or frozen food products for reptiles, turtles and fish fry, SIMPLYSEAHORSES the... Delivery of marine fish and corals tangs in stock now.These are a cream colour nice. Requiring 24 - 26 degrees celsius now finding them hard to source thanks call email... Hippocampus Reidi Shop contact us and 4 months old have been keeping them for 5 years, please... Not to expensive macclesfield area cash waiting offer expires January 31, 2019 Pond fish for sale i in!

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