function go4() something where you can strap down fold away chairs or grill etc. 2011 Meridian 341 Sedan, Beautiful 2011 341 Meridian with only 185 hours on her dual inboard 8.2L gas Mercruisers. location = document.selecter2.select2.options[document.selecter2.select2.selectedIndex].value US$291,616 * 41 ft / 2007. Maybe we'll see you on the water again some day. Sales Department phone 2006 Meridian 341 Sedan Description Stock #134550 -An Absolutely Beautiful, Tastefully Appointed Yacht For Cruising And Entertaining.If you are in the market for a motoryacht, look no further than this 2006 Meridian 341 Sedan, just reducd to $110,000 (offers encouraged).This vessel is located in New Rochelle, New York and is in great condition. Neu! amazon_ad_title="BoaterEd Store"; //--> amazon_ad_title="Hunting and Fishing"; //--> On a personal note, I do not know Walter outside of this forum, I think he gets me and thats all and for that I am thankful. Twin Cummins QSB 330's Diesel Engines (NO SMOKE!) Thanks for helping me get back on the tracks and put things in perspective. My boat is 1200 miles away. thoughts? Not that merely driving out of a slip engendered fear—I seldom experienced difficulties going straight ahead. Some of you may feel this is some sort of entitlement issue, its not, I dont feel the world owes me a living, I am a simple person, brought up the old school way, if you sell something, then you should stand behind your product, no matter what, its a practice I did in my business for 13 years and was very successful at it. When I restarted the generator at first there was a little water coming out of the generator water discharge port above the waterline but then it stopped. Anyway, your saying Brunswick made you remove all the posts in order for them to repair your repossed boat and now that it is repaired you are under no obligation to them? If you were sincere about just wanting to let others know of an issue, you could have done that without all the other BS in you initial post, let alone without a tracking me when i asked you a question. Meldung erstellen. After... Would like to install a bridge fridge in the stbd side locker. amazon_ad_link_target="new"; I was replacing a bulb yesterday and the entire light fixture broke, leaving me with two wires and a bulb dangling from the ceiling. seal that does not require packing Clubs - Organized Clubs, Cruises and Activities,, “The shaft log packless sealing system’s JavaScript is disabled. I get it been there done that. Contact. Nothing more or less. Docking’s a big deal to me, mostly because back when my wife and I were living in Connecticut and I was struggling to learn how to dock midrange cruisers, parking the darn things scared the livin’ daylights out of me. I do understand sometimes we get in a situation that causes these things but it sounds to me like you quit payments to get back at Brunswick subsequent to losing your job. 717-862-4251 × Save This Boat. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. We have an offer out on a 341 that is in USA - we have done a video tour but are unable to see her because of border restrictions until after the deal goes through. location = document.selecter4.select4.options[document.selecter4.select4.selectedIndex].value $299,900 (Sale Pending) Seller NW Yachtnet … Meridian 411 Sedan Bridge . }. amazon_color_link="206BA2"; function go1() Thats when we had the prop tunnel work done and thats what led up to this engine seizure. I guess I am always frustrated at how they dont do the right thing for there customers like they should. Pat I'm sure you are a nice guy that is just misunderstood it's easy to get caught up in the moment when life has dealt you a bad hand! Not quite sure which it is. if (document.selecter4.select4.options[document.selecter4.select4.selectedIndex].value != "none") Sure circumstances out of people's control happen it's how you deal with them. $203,669 Seller Quality Boats 23. A couple stepping up to a bigger cruising boat would have no trouble adapting to it. Before we closed on the boat, the surveyor noticed three burned out bulbs that the selling dealer replaced. Centex makes some as I recall. amazon_ad_link_target="new"; Advertisement. You seem to do that well enough on your own. Request Information. Walter - i did not have a problem with him until he called me a liar, moron, stupid and ass. Thanks for providing me te motivation to look it up and remind myself what kind of person you really are. Contact. amazon_color_border="206BA2";