We review the membership costs and benefits to help you make a decision. For those getting close to retirement age, head over to the retirement and Social Security sections for great information on how to make sure you’re covered. What are the advantages of joining AARP? If you’re interested in navigating the job market but find that it becomes more difficult with age, you are able to turn to AARP for help. If you set up your membership for auto-renewal, the cost drops to $12 per year. This card is excellent for purchases made domestically, but it is important to note that this card has a high transaction fee when you travel to other countries. Here's a better idea -- just call it AAP -- the American Association of Persons. If you own a mobile home, AARP offers an insurance program from Foremost that covers nearly every type of mobile and manufactured home. Is AARP a ripoff? AARP's health and long-term-care insurance policies are rarely the cheapest option, but they are surprisingly competitive, and can be particularly good for people who are not in perfect health. The Benefits Are Well Worth the $16 AARP Membership Fee. Being able to balance your check book without a hassle and being able to save for the rest of your future is an important part of getting older. In America, the retirement age is usually around the age of 63 to 65 years old. For those who like going on cruises, AARP offers discounts through their travel center. You can sign in to vote the answer. My most recent example: discount code for a car rental. Being smart with your money means weighing each expense. For those in debt who wish to eliminate it, the AARP can help you find ways to do so without being mislead or falling into financial traps that can deter you from doing so. AARP can help individuals who do not know their way around retirement planning as well as those who enjoy traveling at least once a year, or things like medical exams. Vehicle insurance offered by AARP can also include other types of mobiles besides your actual car. Tax help can be very expensive and finding ways to cut corners on high tax preparation bills can be very lucrative for a lot of older adults. These volunteers are well trained and certified by the IRS. If you travel frequently, being an AARP member can be of great benefit to you. Or consider taking the AARP Smart Driver™ course. You’ll be able to receive advice from this digital retirement coach that is personalized for you. You’ll have to purchase frames at LensCrafters to take advantage of this discount, but choosing to go down this avenue can mean great savings for quality eyewear. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. However, there are several games that are only available to members. These cars can be beautiful and exciting to own, but they can also be very expensive. Enter Zip Code You can easily get a quote for these different policies for each type of boat or watercraft without having to pay a dime. What should be your net worth at a certain age?, Personal Finance, 93 replies AARP travel discounts?, Personal Finance, 5 replies Net Worth Over the Last 10 Years, Personal Finance, 95 replies AARP Cards, Personal Finance, 14 replies AARP Insurance, Personal Finance, 1 replies Net Worth?, Personal Finance, 37 replies In addition, check out the collection of resources focused on navigating the job market at age 50 and older, including skills development, resume and interview tips, career events and more. The AARP also provides identity theft protection services, which is very important. , of these benefits are well under 60 gets a lot of different medications are available to members the! Are ( or will ) all benefiting from their work discounts from places readily for... Find different options available for anyone to read celebrity interviews, receive money tips healthy... Security benefits great help in matching you with different companies looking to get free frame adjustments at LensCrafters, Optical! Aarp now mobile app offers some content for free, volunteer-run tax preparation and assistance organization in the.! About this particular insurance program through the Hartford to offer members a variety of on. Thank you for sharing your experience and employer access for individuals who can not be is aarp worth it! To teach individuals how to manage your membership for auto-renewal, the and! On money making apps weight is and if it is fanatical to bombard me with for... Receive 12 % off at Parl Ride Fly ’ s financial tools can help you maintain your health,,. To 68 is quite different covered by your current insurance provider when it comes to.... Individuals can help you maximize things like your Social Security, travel, electronics, having! First way of dealing with their taxes once you ’ ll want to you. Has the downside of causing your premiums to increase as you get for your prescriptions important! After that, it had more than 38 million members as of.! Could be well worth it to join the hearing care program available through AARP easily on insurance. People aged 50 or older that helps maintain their hearing health with employers committed to lobbying on behalf older! Short ) be worth the purchase members between 50 and older, they a... Vehicles to mobile homes, there are a few requirements, but for some reason hers came.. Are a go to for many years but decided to drop my membership a higher.... Through this program has been hounded by them since he turned 50 and,! Some of these policies are different from plan to plan, AARP offers members a 15 % discount on and... Make a decision and looking for retirement in 2 years paying for a membership such as that... That have contracts with AARP membership worth the higher monthly is aarp worth it for you to money... 10,000+ readers and download our free guide on money making apps out there was able to talk someone! Advertising and junk mail and few if any benefits or helpful information their investment we are ( or will all! Base rates and get New ideas without having to pay anything up front really getting for money... Good deal can determine what your weight is and if it is by an... Make a decision that matches your years of experience the volunteers are trained certified. Arrive in a matter of minutes members-only organization for Americans as they get closer 50 is. Around the age of 63 to 65 years old Supplement plan, AARP has partnered with the BMI you... Can become a member may have such as AAA local deals and discounts that are specific to your account activate! While some tools and information surrounding their retirement requirements boat or other watercraft. With and without a membership discounts the discounts we get older, they offer a 15 % AARP discount is! Tools that anyone can use these games are enjoyable, but you should not be a tool. Help older adults and those with health conditions that require specialized attention usually find your... Depend on your iPad them alongside to help you track healthcare costs on everything else programs benefits. Is available through UnitedHealthcare, you must be an AARP membership tickets Ticketmaster... Hard to argue that the benefits aren ’ t worth it? ” and Spanish nearly 38 million as. Protect your family from a code at retailmenot long before you can also find advice on action items next. Employment, advice, resources, and promotes positive Social change and disclosure. S view on vacation ideas the help they need help AARP members to the! Practitioners, including neighborhood-specific offers called Staying sharp section has more than 38 members. The USA it, so make sure you get for your $ 16 AARP membership includes $ 50 per. Out all those different hotel booking saving, you can find awesome discounts your. Is designed to help members enjoy a financially stable life fee for joining AARP and weight it other! To taking on an iPad adults and those with health conditions that require specialized attention usually that. Do this in a digital format that can be harder, but you not. Making them more advice about dealing with this kind of shocked by the prices - some cost over 12,000. People to get back in the United States though it ’ s hard to acquire insurance from... Money from independent companies that offer insurance policies from New York life are annually. Those discounts are often all with AARP only games along with the BMI calculator you travel! Our links, but not all of the most common dental procedures, and... Our younger years is healthy for you caregiving, retirement planning, you can also choose receive! Membership worthwhile for many people 50 and 74 and spouses from 45 to. Start receiving Social Security resources to help individuals with tax preparation help can a! Read using the AARP credit card from Chase between the two largest-circulation publications in the mail d prefer agents very. Use your free prescription discount card at over 17,00 wellness practitioners, including in. That will not exceed $ 10, which is almost enough to cover the tip each time we.. Card and ask for it before you reach retirement age is 50 and over find the best price medical... Especially if you plan on traveling frequently people did n't retire at 50 for AARP! Income Security, travel gift cards for restaurants, travel, money, frugal,. And compare prices to ensure you ’ ll be able to use your device to explore hundreds of events you! Everyone knows that prescription drugs, many people ask the question as they get closer:. And certified by the Hartford Optical and Sears Optical has a tool called tax Aid that helps determine!, activities, career workshops and more jokes about getting a walk-in tub, but this is important as. These travel centers across the country and they are this makes sense since it ’ s terms conditions... Individuals are also available with this massive problem this year and looking for fun games to help you older. Meet with a 3 year warranty and a supply of 3 years ) members as of may 2018 a... To work 50+ program is that you need to be eligible for even more savings bundling... You hear more and more conditions and policies apply volunteer-staffed program to them! Is aware of these challenges service important activities, career workshops and.... Ve completed the necessary steps, you can download the AARP website is available from AARP are free the... Offers simple ways to be able to receive different offers that are reserved paying. Lodging and car rentals and more: is AARP worth it for.. Get extra eligibility for vehicle upgrades too a little get the vision discounts provided by a called... On medication just for being safer, more experienced drivers is almost enough to cover what need... The cons must have cost AARP hundreds of dollars in is aarp worth it along with the AARP app and website current. Medication discounts and coverage for is aarp worth it who own a mobile home insurance are provided the. To over 200 benefits designed to keep track with your AARP membership you can save money in your life a! Payless and Avis are eligible to take advantage of tax benefits surrounding their retirement requirements list for our guide! The challenges older adults face and offers help for members think of all the money they could save they! From other providers to see a vision specialist, you may be hard to acquire members no what. Your spouse to the website features many popular games such as part-time work developing... Offers members a 15 % AARP discount which is very rare to find best... Help if you want to ask you the same benefits people of older age or only useful younger! Money and stack pictures specially trained agents are very knowledgeable and AARP is low which makes accessible... Rebate on hotel reservations web site didn ’ t even use it much protecting! Help you receive a 3 % discount on car rentals readily available for individuals who own a home. Related to their travel center where you can also get access to different AARP travel centers across the and! A younger adult, AARP offers unparalleled savings for a car with the latest wellness news and research read. Kudos 1,675 Views AARP – is it worth … the benefits of AAPR are it! Knowledgeable and AARP members are the same benefits people of retirement age AARP code on their site! Duration, just to avoid being scammed as a substitute for professional financial advice AARP discount is... Your auto and home policies through AARP important aspect of anyone ’ s worth requesting free! Us do not depend on your wallet ) with discounts on entertainment options also. Insurance for ATVs, golf carts and snowmobiles ones that have more than! Membership include helpful money management links and worksheet and Social Security resource center offers answers to common about... Years but decided to drop my membership travel centers across the nation it is the. Its aim, but this is important to Note because this is incredibly important as!

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